Systems Engineering

„The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.“ [Aristoteles]

The development of systems or their components is performed in consideration of required quantitative parameters. In addition to real-time properties the parameters of reliability and availability are considered and proved. If required qualitative system characteristics (e.g. functional safety / IT security) are accomplished in addition.

For communication applications in distributed systems, we utilize current bus types (e.g. Ethernet, FlexRay ™ or MVB / TCN). The integration of systems for the purpose of data collection, diagnosis and maintenance can be realized web based or through a dedicated server / client solution. Thereby security aspects are taken into account.

The model-based development of complex (feedback) control systems is preferably performed using the development tools Rhapsody ™ and Matlab ™, Simulink™ , and Stateflow ™. A functional test of the functional model or the software is here achievable at an early stage of development by means of a PC-based rapid prototyping system.

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