Here you can download more information about our products and provided ReliaFX evaluation versions.

Please note:

  • ReliaFX View offers an update mechanism through which you can obtain the latest version easily.
  • Our customers can also download the latest version of ReliaFX Access and ReliaFX-Compare through Subversion.


Produkt Version Beschreibung
ReliaFX View (ReliaFx-Compare is enclosed) 2.0.2 Allows you to navigate in FIBEX files and view element data. A restricted demo version of FxCompare is included in the archive, which can be unlocked entirely through purchase of a dongle.
ReliaFx Access Interface-Description
2.0.2 Detailed information about the features of the ReliaFX Access API(CHM file).
ReliaFx Access Eval   Limited evaluation version of ReliaFx Access: Includes a lot of the features of the full version and additional examples (including a small project for Visual Studio 2005).
Product description of ReliaFx Access  - Product description of ReliaFX Access V2.0.2 (PDF)
Product description of ReliaFx Compare  - Product description of ReliaFX Compare V1.2.0 (PDF)


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