ReliaFX Access

Import library for the purposeful FIBEX integration into your application.

ReliaFX Access is a dynamically loadable FIBEX import library (DLL, 32-bit) which can easily be integrated into self-developed Windows ™ applications. The provided application programming interface (API) supports functions that are necessary from an application perspective for accessing FIBEX content. In addition to basic functions for the parameter data access a variety of other functions are provided, whose implementation complexity is often underestimated.

The essential features of ReliaFX Access are:

  • API for the programming language C++ (others on request).
  • In addition to the query of simple and complex element data the present convenience functions simplify the query of dependencies.
  • Internal resolution of the existing forward, backward and cross-references.
  • The various FIBEX signal representations are mapped to the defined signal types.
  • Add, store and save your own application data on selected items in a separate file (interface: IUserData).
  • Short file read in time.
  • FIBEX files can also be present in ZIP format.

Detailed information about the API features includes the following CHM file. Download here

ReliaFX Access allows the optional extension using various function packages. These are specified along with the basic functions and the operating conditions in the product description.

On request, we will also provide the information in written form.

Evaluate ReliaFX Access using a limited evaluation version that is available on our website along with the free ReliaFX View. This version includes a lot of the features of the full version and includes additional application examples. Download here


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