ReliaFX Compare

Compare two FIBEX files in an instant, and you can keep track.

ReliaFX Compare is an add-on to the free FIBEX viewer ReliaFX View. ReliaFX Compare serves the visualization of differences between two FIBEX files. Similarities and differences can be viewed within the FIBEX viewer.


Basic features of ReliaFX View with ReliaFX Compare:

  • User interface in German and English.
  • The element hierarchy is displayed as a tree topology.
  • Graphical representation of frames, PDUs, signals and signal groups.
  • Reading two FIBEX files to compare their contents.
  • Differences are displayed in a viewer window, the details of the data elements will be shown on a double click.
  • Differences are exportable as a CSV file which can be read in Excel.

More properties:

  • It is a portable application (the execution of the program from a USB stick is possible).
  • Short file read in time.
  • Supports online update via the Internet (HTTP protocol).


The properties of ReliaFX Compare and the conditions of use are given in the product description.

On request, we will also provide the information in written form.

Evaluate ReliaFX Compare using a limited evaluation version that is available on our website along with the free ReliaFX View. This version allows cross comparison of two files over a period of 5 minutes, the period starts with the read in of the second file. Download ReliaFX View/Compare-Eval here

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