ReliaFX View

A clear view of FIBEX data - a free tool makes it possible.

The free Windows ™ application ReliaFX View makes the work with large FIBEX files a snap: navigate the dependency hierarchy and inspect the element data easily.

Fundamental properties of ReliaFX View:

  • Runs under the Windows 2000 ™, Windows ™ XP, Windows Vista ™ and Windows 7 ™.
  • It is a portable application, i.e. the execution of the program from a USB stick is possible.
  • Displays the element hierarchy as a tree topology and the parameters of selected elements in a separate window.
  • Allows you to navigate directly within associated elements (automatic resolution of references).

Try ReliaFX view and discover many more useful features of the tool. ReliaFX View can be downloaded here.

ReliaFX View is based on our product ReliaFX Access.

With the add-on ReliaFX Compare two FIBEX files can be checked to different data contents. The differences can be examined in ReliaFX view.

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