Our service portfolio includes the design and development of embedded systems and dedicated IT-system solutions. We create the technological foundation on which you can realize application specific products or services. However, on request we also provide turnkey ready solutions.

In addition, we offer standard solutions for the fields of technology covered by us which facilitate your everyday work in the form of products or services.

Engineering Services / ReliaCT (Customized Technologies)

The concept, development and validation of complex embedded systems belong to our services just like their integration in IT infrastructures. Thereby our focus lies on real-time performance, availability, safety and security.

We create added value through individual and dependable solutions.

FIBEX Products

The data exchange format FIBEX (Field coach Exchange format), defined by the ASAM-Group, serves for the description of bus communication systems. It should replace proprietary data formats in future (e.g., DBC, LDF, F-CAT). FIBEX allows the consistent development of distributed systems of several ECUs on the basis of a single data base. FIBEX has well proved itself in the field, however, the use of the XML based data is time-consuming and tedious without suitable tool support.

We offer you specified FIBEX tools, so that you can focus on the core of your business.

ReliaDM (Data Management)

We will establish technical data management solutions tailored to your requirements. On the basis of open source software we create concepts and offer services for the safe keeping and accurate processing of extensive amounts of data.

In brief we offer a service (ReliaMED OC) for the electronic data capture and clinical data management in clinical trails on the basis of the open source software OpenClinica® – we'll be happy to advise you in a personal conversation.

(OpenClinica is a trademark of Akaza Research LLC in the United States and other countries)

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